Flash over CAN or ‘F-o-CAN’ is the ability to reprogram Renesas M16C family CAN MCU devices over a CAN connection. This removes the need for standard debug, UART or serial interfaces to update the device firmware. F-o-CAN uses a Systec ‘CANmodul’ (found in the RCDK8C—CAN D Kit) sniffer for the flash programming HW interface. A Windows based Application, CAN_Download, provides a graphical interface to program the MCU via the CAN network. Each device can be flashed individually in-network using the unique F-o-CAN Device Unlock Code.

At this writing, F-o-CAN software is written and available for the R32C/118, M16C/6NK, M16C/29, and the R8C/23, but can easily be adapted to any CAN equipped MCU within the families R32C, M32C, M16C, and R8C. The following MCUs are available on Renesas Starter Kit boards: R8C/23, M16C/29, M16C/6NK, M32C/87, R32C/118, and for which workspaces exist.