Is the market ready for speech services that replace traditional phone dialing and other end-user interfaces with more intuitive, hands-free, voice-activated solutions? Research indicates that customers are not only ready, but are willing to pay for speech services. The technology is also ready, and is now capable of delivering the kind of positive experience that can help service providers attract new subscribers and grow incremental revenue. This convergence of customer demand and technology readiness can be expected to drive rapid adoption over the next few years.

To help service providers get to market quickly with high-quality speech services, Intel, HP and Lucent Technologies have collaborated to optimize the Lucent Technologies AnyPath End-User Applications portfolio for delivery on Intel Pentium III processor-based cc2300 servers from HP. This is a ready-for-market speech solution running on a modular, carrier-grade architecture. It is designed for flexible integration into existing wireline and wireless networks; for seamless capacity scaling to support subscriber growth; and for ongoing service upgrades to keep pace with customer expectations in this rapidly growing market. By delivering next-generation services on a flexible, standards-based hardware and software infrastructure, it can improve deployment economics to enable faster time-to-market and better long-term success.