OEMs worldwide rely on LSI Logic Corp. to deliver high-performance, industry-leading, fault-tolerant storage solutions. Maintaining that business means continually developing better products that build on proven technologies, while growing that business means being ready with new products as the latest technologies emerge. On both fronts, LSI must keep its price point low”or risk losing customers to competitors that can.

To help address these challenges, developers in LSI Logic’s RAID Storage Adapters Division are building direct-attached RAID controllers powered by Intel I/O processors. Intel IOPs give LSI the ability to implement RAID in a cost-effective manner by combining all needed functionality into a single integrated package.

Aiming to take a leadership role in the fast-growing Serial ATA (SATA) marketplace, LSI has developed a line of powerful SATA RAID controllers that meet aggressive time-to-market, price, and performance requirements through a design based on the Intel IOP302 I/O processor. Also on LSI’s production line is a family of next-generation SCSI RAID controllers based on the Intel IOP321 I/O processor”the first I/O processor to integrate Intel XScale technology and a PCI-X interface. Porting its firmware to Intel XScale technology offers LSI a streamlined and cost-effective way to meet OEM demand for everfaster I/O throughput.

This case study examines how Intel IOPs enable LSI developers to offer tier-one OEMs and other system builders high-performance data redundancy at a lower cost.