Flare has been noted as a significant concern for Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Lithography. Recent results on prototype tools have shown flare on the order of 40% in extreme cases. This is far from the ideal result.

Flare compensation for EDA software tools such as Mentor Graphics’ Calibre RET Suite has been developed, and can be used to compensate density dependent fluctuations in conventional DUV lithography. This can be as simple as making corrections using rules for the variations of isolated and dense lines in an environment with prescribed flare, or a more complex correction incorporating flare into model-based OPC. Flare in EUV systems, however, has been shown to be non-uniform, with complex variations. In this presentation, we describe this flare correction technique and explore the correction of typical IC layouts that would be required to compensate for reported EUV flare values.

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