While a number of UWB transceivers having data rates of 480Mb/s have been successfully developed, there is strong demand for still higher data rates. A digital hopping UWB transceiver that expands the baseband by three times over that of previous technologies to obtain a data rate of 2.88Gb/s is described. A frequency-hopping polyphase filter (FH-PPF) that switches the passband of an RX chain within a switching time of 5ns allows compatibility with present 480Mb/s or lower data rates, while requiring the use of only one LO frequency, as opposed to the need for three in previous technologies. An 800MHz baseband has been achieved through use of a passive LPF and a highpass feedback VGA. EVM was measured to be below -26dB up to 2.88Gb/s. RX power dissipation of 156mW was achieved with 90nm CMOS technology.