The electronic AC power supply can be a useful tool for evaluation of products and subassemblies used in a final product. The ability to verify the performance of items like transformers, fans, relays, actuators, and other ac operated components prior to use in the final product will allow designers to weed out problem components before they reach the customer.

The ability to vary the applied AC can also allow designers to conduct “what if” scenarios to push or improve existing designs. The inclusions of meters to monitor voltage, current, power, and frequency further enhance their usefulness. Just like a DC bench supply, a bench top AC power supply can be a valuable asset to any engineering or test department.

1.2kVA Single-Phase Bench Top AC Power Supply


Electronic AC supplies are well suited for production line testing in both large and small manufacturing facilities. They can be used to provide bulk regulated AC to test stands and fixtures. Automated control features like computer or analog control via PLCs are available to suit most needs. Control via RS-232, IEEE-488, USB and Ethernet interfaces are common. Single phase systems in the range of 500VA to 40KVA and 3 phase systems in the 1kVA to 120KVA are available from various suppliers. They range from reference quality instruments to modified UPSs.

Selecting the Proper AC Power Supply for Testing Needs