In 1987, the IndustryPack (also known as
IPack, IP) mezzanine module was first introduced to the VMEbus
community. Since the introduction of this revolutionary technology,
IndustryPacks have become a defacto ANSI standard for I/O

Although there has been an abundance of product literature,
magazine articles, and technical white papers describing in detail
the IP mezzanine module standard, there has been very little
written to sufficiently address the advantages of IP for VME
customers in the data-intensive markets of Simulation,
Instrumentation, Data Acquisition, and Process Control. These users
are now more than ever, poised to move away from their host-based
I/O systems to the modular IP standard.

This paper will first attempt to define the IndustryPack
standard. It then continues with a detailed analysis of the
technical benefits of using IP mezzanine products over traditional
host-based technology. In conclusion, it details the specific
benefits of using Systran’s I/O IP modules.