While the demand for larger systems, better quality and lower cost grows exponentially, the professional media industry has continued to rely on two decade-old technology. This paper announces a breakthrough—a new stream of audio and video products incorporating Fairlight’s CC-1 (Crystal Core Technology). This fresh paradigm processes data in a massive Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), architected into what amounts to a purpose-built media processing chip.

FPGAs deliver power at price points that will ultimately render obsolete the established central processing unit (CPU) and digital signal processing (DSP)/Time-Slice-Bus architectures. With very low processing latency and enough speed to provide smooth, analogue-feel tactile response, this technology is fast becoming the benchmark platform for the 21st century. Fairlight’s CC-1 is a media-optimized FPGA architecture that harnesses the step change in performance to support improved quality, faster job turnarounds, and the development of new creative opportunities for many years to come.