With the advent of massively multicore computers, there has been much discussion of whether this architecture requires a new paradigm for program testing and debugging, and what form that might take.

We do not know where the industry is going to go with this. Indeed, this paper has been written as a handout for a panel discussion session at the 2008 Multicore Expo whose topic is, in fact, the search for this paradigm.

We would like to share the views of IntellaSys on this topic, inasmuch as our company actually has working silicon to program, in the form of a 40-core processor in the design currently moving toward production. We are at present writing and debugging application code, using the test and debug methods we have found suitable for these purposes for many years. We have found that, due to our choice of methods, no new paradigm has been necessary for us to be effective in this effort.

The following discussion outlines the development of our methods through 35 years of hardware evolution, including their application as we are using them right now to debug software on the IntellaSys multicore chips.