It will soon no longer be possible to master the growing complexity of software without the use of CASE tools. UML (Universal Modeling Language), in particular, has enabled the uniform design of modular software components, including automatic code generation, which prevents common coding errors right from the start. Though many companies shy away from the perceived effort required for the changeover to these new techniques, existing C code can in fact be transferred to a UML model element with very few, if any, changes. Future extensions can then be written as UML models, generated, and integrated with the “old” C code. As a result, a smooth and easy transition from C to UML is possible.

This paper outlines a step-by-step approach for importation of existing software into a modern and innovative CASE tool. It introduces the integration of the Lauterbach and Telelogic tools TRACE32 and Rhapsody, which make the process as smooth as possible and help maintain high levels of software quality.