Significant changes are occurring in the way people communicate at home. Internet usage, now at more than 80 million users worldwide, has quadrupled since 1996. Nearly 40% of all U.S. households are “online,” and the use of PCs for computing, communicating, and entertaining is now so pervasive that more than 20 million U.S. households have more than one PC. In addition, the mobility of laptop computers gives users an easy way to take work between home and office, and as many as 60% of all laptops routinely travel between these locations. What’s more, the role of the traditional office is changing as evidenced by the large and growing number of home-based businesses and home offices. All of these trends are driving the need to share Internet access, PCs, phone lines, peripherals, and information in the home. It is this need that is fostering the tremendous growth in the Home Networking market, and broadband deployments with bundled services should fuel continued growth. This HomeRF Working Group tech paper examines the home networking market.