Today’s entertainment networks are reminiscent of the flying cars we have been promised for years but only see in magazines or demonstrations. They are typically cobbled together from parts that require professionals to assemble and maintain, are expensive, and both have a tendency to crash when operated by someone with inadequate training.

They also solve a similar problem. Highways, like most of today’s networks, do not guarantee when you, or your data, will arrive at the destination. The problem is traffic. Even cars traveling on the Autobahn will grind to a halt in too much traffic. We want to know that a 60 mile trip will take an hour every time, guaranteed.

It is the same with an entertainment network. We absolutely need to know that when we start a movie that it will play to the end uninterrupted, guaranteed; no blue screens while buffers fill or blocky images from lost bits, and no finicky hardware or drivers that need constant maintenance. It also shouldn’t cost more than the devices we want to connect.