The proliferation of digital technologies within the home is paving the way for significant enhancements to the user’s entertainment experience. A fundamental aspect of these new experiences is the ability to enjoy rich multimedia content in any location throughout the home, regardless of where the content is physically stored. Today’s home networking technologies provide a solid foundation for distributing content throughout the home and achieving this type of “anytime, anywhere” access to content. In order to satisfy users’ quality expectations, the ensuing demand for Quality of Service (QoS) networking, especially for wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) technologies, is becoming an area of high interest for content and service providers who are aggressively seeking opportunities to capitalize on the new paradigm. In reality however, media distribution and QoS networking technologies may not be ready yet for mass-market adoption due to the complexity associated with the installation, configuration, and management. This paper identifies a high-quality media distribution solution that provides consumers with a simple out-of-the-box installation and configuration experience coupled with the ability to manage the limited network bandwidth in order to achieve predictable results. We first analyze a typical Digital Home environment and discuss possible usage scenarios for media distribution in the home.