The long product life cycles of industrial equipment make quality and reliability key requirements of integrated circuits designed into industrial systems. The long cycle times also ensure availability of new innovative products when a board is redesigned. With each revision or board addition, smaller, lower power, higher-accuracy ICs become available. Factory automation, remote monitoring, redundant systems and self-learning processes are becoming more prevalent. Incorporating these technological advances requires the use of faster, smaller, more intelligent, low power front-end signal conditioning ICs and data converters.

This newsletter highlights some of the many new products that have been released since the first industrial process control Linear Technology Chronicle. These new ICs improve measurement accuracy, reduce power and board space, and add features that expand the capabilities of your system while reducing component count. Product families highlighted include PGAs, precision signal conditioning amplifiers, high-speed delta-sigma data converters, multi-channel high-resolution ADCs, SoftSpan data converters, and small-footprint, high-resolution DACs.