In a scenario all too familiar to network managers, users begin complaining of slower response times. Network management tools indicate that a high-transaction server is hogging bandwidth in a shared domain or that server CPU utilization is not optimal—classic bottleneck symptoms. What’s the best solution? More and more often, IT managers are turning to Gigabit Ethernet technology.

When Gigabit Ethernet was standardized for fiber optic cabling in the late 1990s, IT managers began to see the benefits of Gigabit speeds applied to the network backbone and in the data center. Today, with Gigabit over copper, 1000Mbps connectivity is being deployed even more widely—including switch stacks, servers and desktops—using the cabling that is already in place in most buildings.

This paper provides information about Gigabit Ethernet, including the ways your network can benefit from standard Gigabit implementations, and offers a variety of deployment examples using fiber and/or copper cabling.