GE Fanuc Embedded Systems, a global innovator in embedded design, has utilized new multi-core processing technology to significantly increase the performance of its single board computers (SBCs). An early example is the new ATCA-7820 SBC, which uses just one AdvancedTCA (ATCA) slot to provide four high-performance cores delivering four parallel threads along with two I/O-diverse expansion sites. It’s a huge leap in high-density parallel processing power needed for next generation, carrier-grade systems.

The ATCA-7820 SBC uses two of the new dual-core Intel Xeon processors LV 2.0 GHz to deliver almost twice as much performance as previous two-chip designs. And because the new dual-core processor consumes roughly the same amount of power as its single-core 2.0 GHz counterpart, GE Fanuc Embedded Systems can deliver very high density performance for embedded telecom applications without straining power and cooling resources.

This is welcome news for telecom developers faced with delivering performance-hungry converged applications. Using the modular architecture of the ATCA standard, the new GE Fanuc high-density SBC enables rapid development of high-value converged solutions.