Enabling of Bluetooth in products has a high threshold depending on many different factors. For many developers this is the first time a radio technology is used in the product. Focus on new problems like antennas and making the electronic design “radio-aware” is then required. A radio design also needs to be type approved which implies the need for special knowledge and involves substantial costs. Bluetooth is currently a rather complex technology involving time and cost consuming issues like purchasing or developing a software stack and the mandatory Bluetooth qualification procedure. Several different partitions are possible between the Bluetooth part of the
system and the application part of the system.

This technical paper will address these issues and discuss different possibilities and methods of how to enable Bluetooth in a product depending on anticipated volumes and constraints on size, costs and time-to-market. Using different levels of ready-made, already type approved and Bluetooth qualified components, the time-to-market and development cost may be lowered at the expense of a higher product cost. Using ready-made components you do no even need to be member of Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) to put the Bluetooth trademark on your product.

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