Xilinx® EasyPath™ FPGAs are the industry’s only customer-specific solution that gets you to volume production with very little risk and in as few as eight weeks. EasyPath FPGAs use the same silicon as standard FPGAs. The key difference between the two is that while the former are tested for specific customer designs, the latter are tested for all possible customer designs. By testing to a specific design, EasyPath FPGAs provide as much as an 80% reduction in unit price (due to improved yields) compared to the equivalent standard FPGAs.

One of the major advantages of EasyPath devices is that because they are identical (in all aspects except testing) to standard FPGAs, all features supported in standard FPGAs are in turn supported in the analogous EasyPath FPGA. From a customer perspective, this means that very little engineering resources are required to interface with Xilinx. The migration process itself is essentially risk-free. Once the design files are handed off, Xilinx creates custom test patterns based on the design to get to a guaranteed 99.9% stuck-at fault coverage. With EasyPath FPGAs, you get the same extensive Xilinx IP portfolio without any additional licensing fees for the EasyPath conversion.

Reprinted with permission from Xcell Journal / Fourth Quarter 2005. Article © Xcell Journal.