A core line of business for D&H Distributing Company is a “white shop” that builds laptop and desktop systems on behalf of OEMs and resellers. A single configuration server pumping out hundreds of customization scripts is the heart of this operation. The custom-written data that configures the white boxes is invaluable—it would take months to rewrite everything if lost.

The D&H white shop uses its configuration server more than 18 hours each day, leaving little time to backup and protect the customized data stored there. D&H needs a speedy backup and archive solution to enable continuous operation of the white shop. Fail-proof, reliable performance is also key.

D&H relies on the Certance CP3100 TurboDAT disk-to-disk-to-tape solution for backup of the mission-critical configuration server. Powered by reliable Intel® storage components, the Certance CP3100 lets D&H do backup on the fly.