Handheld device designs are demanding increasingly smaller, more integrated semiconductor devices. New integrated circuits (ICs) are therefore commonly launched in fine-pitch microBGA packages that are well suited to the small, thin printed circuit boards (PCBs) used in handheld devices. MicroBGAs are not a good solution for larger PCBs, however, as they can increase the complexity and cost of the boards. To avoid increased PCB density and cost, many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) avoid using BGAs under 1mm pitch.

This paper describes an alternative solution developed by Interconnect Systems with several OEMs: ‘fan-out interposers.’ A fan-out interposer converts a microBGA package to a larger pitch that is suitable for larger, thicker PCBs. Fan-out interposers provide a simple, cost effective solution, and have been successfully implemented in commercial, industrial and Mil/Aero applications.