As designers look to their next-generation network designs, they are faced with a set of new challenges when developing products that incorporate the common Ethernet interface. Not only is Ethernet continuing to grow and be driven into faster and faster network communications, as seen by the move to 40G and 100G standards, but it is also being updated to support streaming audio and video applications over Local Area Networks (LANs). In 2008 and 2009, we saw several IEEE specification updates either ratified or advanced to solid draft versions that are targeted at improving networking systems’ Quality of Service (QoS). To maintain Ethernet as a dominate and long-lasting network interface, incorporating these updates into new consumer products will be critical to achieve the throughput and meet the demands of the consumer. The work being done by the 802.1 Audio Video Bridging (AVB) work groups not only applies to Ethernet but to all 802-compliant networks, and will give consumers a range of options to support streaming audio and video in their home and automotive networks.