In expectation of increased use of mobile data services, mobile operators are planning to migrate their mobile network infrastructure to a fully packet-based network. Mobile backhaul is a particular area of focus, as it accounts for up to 40 percent of total operational cost.

This paper describes a new mobile backhaul solution referred to as “Ethernet over Next Generation PDH” (NG-PDH), which is attracting the interest of several service providers and equipment vendors. Ethernet over NG-PDH is based on the same GFP, VCAT and LCAS technology used in Ethernet over NG-SONET/SDH. The technology’s main advantage is robust packet transport leading to fewer dropped packets, predictable low overhead and up to 20 percent greater throughput. This paper explains how Ethernet over NG-PDH enables efficient bandwidth utilization and provides the basis for a smooth migration to a fully packet-based network.