Global uptake of digital TV and increasing market pressures from alternative services are making cable television operators rethink their delivery of broadband. Operators are rapidly deploying competitive services in order to retain customers and attract new ones. To achieve this, cable multiple service operators (MSOs) are looking for new or enhanced technologies. Those under consideration include: switched digital video, 1-GHz systems, node splitting, wider Internet Protocol (IP) pipeline, and multimedia home networking solutions. Over the long term, they are also looking to move to all digitally modulated or “digital” cable networks and reconfigure the old analog spectrum in their networks to deliver even more digital and highdefinition channels.

For the set-top box, the move to 1GHz and an all-digital infrastructure will require a space-saving, cost-effective tuner solution that delivers the performance required by next-generation systems. This paper discusses the current and future requirements of cable TV networks, and presents Microtune’s portfolio of CATV tuner technologies.