There are many reasons why hardware-based emulation is a “must have” for an effective verification flow. Increased complexity, protocols, embedded software, power and verification at the system level all drive the need for the kind of performance, capacity, and “shift-left” methodology that only emulation delivers.

Overcoming Resistance to Emulation

But this growing need for emulation is still met with some resistance by management and verification teams primarily because some regard it as an expensive and hard to use resource. What is at the heart of these misconceptions, and how can an emulation job management strategy address them?


hardware emulation for verification flow
Flexible job management makes the most efficient use of emulator resources.

This paper breaks down the perceptions and describes how to develop a job management strategy to overcome resistance to emulation. With an automated job management flow, some companies have seen a 20 to 30 percent improvement in emulation utilization.

  • Overcoming resistance to emulation
  • Emulation job management strategy
  • The importance of system flexibility
  • Maintaining your investment
  • Real world results


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