After being around for 15 years, CAN has proven itself: availability, price, performance and versatility all are “just right” to ensure its continuous usage. Although originally conceived entirely for automotive applications, design engineers have recognized that many applications requiring communication between low to mid-range microcontrollers can take advantage of CAN.

The application examples seem limitless and even include safety-relevant applications like public transport or maritime applications. CAN is used in autonomously driving, swimming and flying vehicles, in emergency rooms and operating theaters as well as crematoriums. Overall installation sizes vary from a two-node system as used for charger to battery communication in electric service vehicles to hundreds of thousands of nodes in particle acceleration rings or automated luggage-handling systems in airports.

Overall, CAN has not yet reached the peak of its lifetime and we will see continuous growth as well in the number of applications using CAN as in the total number of CAN nodes installed yearly.