The popularity and consumer adoption of wireless hearables is expected to grow rapidly. With that comes demand for better sound clarity, features, reliability, and voice control. Learn how trends like those below have created a perfect storm.

  • Demand for features and quality
  • Demand for reliability
  • AI in Audio
  • Voice control

The current generation of hearables are well served by HiFi 3, the most popular DSP for this market, having already shipped in billions of cores. However, next generation hearables, wearables, and always-on or always-listening devices are better served by a DSP that targets their use cases. In this paper, we introduce a compact DSP, HiFi 1, which specifically addresses the needs of such products. HiFi 1 is a DSP for a greener world, to serve a wide variety of energy-saving applications in markets ranging from consumer to automotive, industrial, and medical.