The yield of IC designs has always been important. In the past, yield figures only became available after processing. The Design for Manufacturability environment already in use in Philips allows accurate yield estimations before any production hasbeen done. The kernel of this environment is the MAST tool (Manufacturability ASsessment Tool). This tool provides a wide range of statistics on the design by means of a Calibre job. These statistics include among others transistor paretos and wire length distribution. The rules needed by Calibre are generated by dedicated rule generators available in the environment. The output generated by the tool is collected and than correlated against yield information of existing designs already in the yield database, to produce a yield estimate for this design. This method has proven to give accurate yield estimations. The Calibre tool was selected to become the kernel of the MAST engine because of its excellent reliability and performance, resulting in short throughput times for the huge number of tasks required to generate all the statistics of the designs.

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