When a certain web-enabled multimedia smartphone hit the market in 2007, it transformed the way that consumers expect to interact with their handheld devices. Especially engaging is the fluid touch-screen interface that allows users to access an array of applications or scroll through web pages with their fingertips. To develop such sophisticated interfaces—without sacrificing time, budget, or power requirements—design with zero-power Altera MAX IIZ CPLDs.

Unlike ASSPs or other competitive technologies, MAX IIZ CPLDs deliver high I/O counts, ease of use, low power, and flexibility to support product differentiation. These benefits help simplify and accelerate the process of creating unique handsets, portable media players, and displays, as well as medical, automotive, and industrial applications. Deploy Altera’s new multipoint touch-screen reference design on a MAX IIZ EPM240Z device to move quickly from concept to working product.