The typical aim of manufacturing is to optimize throughput: to manufacture as many products that meet specification and quality goals in as short a time as possible with as little equipment and as few people as possible. The production of GSM and GPRS devices is now a well-understood process and most manufacturers have highly efficient production facilities. However, supporting Enhanced General Packet Radio Service (EGPRS) devices may necessitate changes in manufacturing test procedures. For example, the EGPRS modulation format dictates that both the transmitter and receiver capability need additional testing compared to GSM. Consequently, as EGPRS devices are transferred from development to volume manufacturing they create new production test challenges.

This paper explains the unique attributes of EGPRS, which can impact test development. To help engineers create suitable test programs, the paper also explains the strengths and drawbacks of various signalling and instrument test modes. Additionally, a brief overview of what needs considered for RF parametric testing of EGPRS devices is provided.