Some of the fastest tools in programmable logic have gotten even faster. Xilinx® ISE™ 7.1i software includes new technology, new device support, and new speed files that get you through the design flow faster, with the highest device performance possible.

ISE 7.1i software includes the new Virtex™-4 -12 speed grade, making the industry’s leading-edge Virtex-4 FPGA-based designs even faster. ISE 7.1i software, in combination with Virtex-4 devices, can deliver up to 70% faster design performance than the nearest competing solution.

More high-performance technology is packed directly into ISE software than any other design offering, including core capabilities like “timing-driven mapping,” global optimization, design re-timing, and FPGA physical synthesis. Together, this ProActive Timing Closure technology leads to higher overall design performance, with timing closure reached faster and less time spent in the overall design flow.

Reprinted with permission from Xcell Journal / Second Quarter 2005. Article © Xcell Journal.