DaVinci technology is the first integrated portfolio of DSP-based processors, software, tools, and support for developing a broad spectrum of optimized digital video
end equipments. It enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to more easily and quickly develop a range of innovative, cost-efficient digital video products, transforming the way consumers experience digital video. DaVinci technology will accelerate the pace of innovation and expand the market for digital video applications.

TI introduced the first DaVinci products to the market in December 2005 and has since added a variety of components to the DaVinci technology portfolio, including processors, software, tools and partnership solutions. The comprehensive DaVinci
technology roadmap addresses the demand for real-time video for a host of emerging digital video product innovations. These application segments include: video security, IP set-top box, videoconferencing, automotive infotainment, portable media, digital cameras and other video products that have yet to be invented.