The DaVinci platform offers a complete solution for many multimedia applications requiring advanced video codecs. The solution consists of a DM644x dual core
architecture that offers high performance along with a rich mix of peripherals and a complete software environment. This environment includes inter-processor
communication software via DSP/BIOS Link, and a codec framework that enables customers to use a variety of codec options.

As with any system many developers would like to understand the performance taking into account processor loading, memory usage and power consumption. In critical applications performance and power consumption analysis is often necessary to
evaluate a device within a system context.

The Digital Video Evaluation Module (DVEVM) is an evaluation platform that showcases the DM644x architecture and the associated digital video and audio system software solutions. It is packaged and designed to enable users to evaluate both performance and power (energy) usage of the DM644x solution.

This document describes how the performance and power consumption can be evaluated in a system context making use of the components available with the DVEVM and Digital Video Software Development Kit (DVSDK). The performance/ CPU loading and power consumption is measured for the H.264 audio/video demonstration software that is offered with the DVEVM. This methodology can also be utilized to measure performance and power for a developer’s own application software on the DVEVM within the above context.