Today’s interactive and multimedia applications require the high-speed data transmission achieved only in packet-switched networks. As the wireless industry moves to packet switching and as data rates in wireless devices increase, more features are being included for such things as games, Web browsing, music downloads, e-mail, and business productivity applications.

The IS-2000 (cdma2000) high speed packet data network has been designed to support wireless data rates up to 307 kbps. In the IS-2000 specifications, Service Options direct the processing of traffic bits. A new Service Option, SO33, configures the baseband processing software in the wireless system to handle high-speed packet data.

Usable with IS-2000 radio configurations three and above, SO33 adds supplemental forward and reverse channels to the fundamental traffic channel to increase bandwidth and, hence, the data rate. When high-speed operation is necessary, a mobile device can request a supplemental channel. The base station will control the amount of time that the supplemental channel is granted.