The TMS320DM6446 device has a rich set of peripherals; however, many of these peripherals are multiplexed with each other, and only one is available at a time. Perhaps the best example of a multiplexing scenario found on the TMS320DM6446 device is the asynchronous external memory interface (EMIFA). The pins that make up this interface are multiplexed to service NAND flash, NOR flash, CF, hard disk drive (HDD), Multi-Media Card (MMC), Secure Digital (SD), and Smart Media peripherals. By default, the digital video evaluation module (DVEVM) software enables the HDD, but CF support may be enabled as well.

This application report outlines the necessary steps for enabling CF support on the DVEVM. The lessons learned in this process can be extended to other peripherals; however, this document focuses strictly on the case of enabling CF support.