The electronics used in aerospace applications need to stand up to the harsh environment outside of the earth’s protective atmosphere. As the European Space Agency (ESA) and their suppliers prepare to design new integrated circuits (ICs), they turn to partners like IROC Technologies to help them test all the IC technology that goes into their electronic systems.

IROC Technologies is involved in all stages of the design flow, the technology process, the foundries, and system integrators. For this project, ESA asked IROC to assess the suitability of Ultra Deep Submicron (UDSM) technology nodes below 22 nm for space applications.

In any new IC design project, successful teams seek to reduce risk. IROC was designing a new IC from scratch, with a new design flow, new design software, and a very tight schedule. While experienced in all phases of IC and system development, IROC does not maintain a full-time group dedicated to IC design. Adopting the Aprisa software helped them reduce the risks so they could focus on meeting the tapeout schedule.