Backed by the research and standards-making muscle of the global automobile industry, the control-area-network (CAN) bus has evolved far beyond the concepts embodied in the first protocol nearly 20 years ago.

Automobiles have become a design challenge for engineers—and the trend to greater sophistication will culminate in drive-by-wire and technologies such as Flexray.

CAN is right in the middle of it with at least three key technology enablers: ultra-high reliability; the engineered-in capability to handle numerous subnetworks; and—in the near future—time-driven-CAN, which handily addresses many real-time design demands. In addition, many 32-bit industrial applications can benefit from the money and energy that the global automotive industry has invested in CAN, and the position that ARM cores occupy in designing over this protocol.

Reprinted in its entirety from ARM IQ Vol. 2, No. 3