WiMAX (or IEEE 802.16) is the technology that has been developed for BWA applications. It allows data
throughput as high as 70 Mbps, at distances stretching a few miles. Built on a packet platform, WiMAX is
optimized for supporting IP, Ethernet, VLAN and ATM services.

However, in the development of WiMAX, support for TDM services has been overlooked. This includes not
just TDM-based voice service, but also traditional T1/E1 or fractional T1/E1 circuits from enterprise users.
Currently, those TDM circuits are connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) through
completely separate access lines. For carriers rolling out BWA services, blending TDM support into WiMAX
is an easy way to generate additional revenues.

In this white paper on Circuit Emulation Service-over-Packet (CESoP), we will look at how this emerging
technology can be used to merge TDM with WiMAX.