A wide range of ARM developers from architects, to compiler writers, to software developers, need tools to understand, analyze, and simulate program behavior. This enables developers to achieve high levels of system and program correctness, performance, and power efficiency. To be usable, these tools must be fast and customizable to the challenges at hand.

BitRaker Anvil™, the first binary instrumentation-based system for the ARM platform, is a tool-building framework that enables developers to rapidly construct tools to achieve these goals. BitRaker Anvil uses binary instrumentation to modify ARM binaries for the purpose of analyzing program behavior. BitRaker Anvil equips the developer with an API that enables the user to specify the particular program characteristics to analyze. Using this API, the developer can create custom tools to perform simulation or workload analysis several orders of magnitude faster than using a cycle-level simulator.

Reprinted in its entirety from ARM IQ Vol. 3, No. 4