Now that VoIP technology has moved into mainstream, enterprise and residential communications worldwide are seeking ways to perfect it. In order to thrive, voice quality in VoIP must at least match if not outperform the voice quality of traditional telephony. This paper will focus on the challenges and solutions at the edge of the network, in soft phones, including more specifically in PDAs and in Integrated Access Devices.

The voice quality solutions incorporated in end point devices, especially in mobile devices, must be scrupulously designed and/or chosen as they directly impact the overall sound quality. In this paper the
author explains the audio challenges such as echo and background noise, revealing the imperativeness of including high performance echo cancellation and noise
reduction functionalities.

Overall, the reader will gain insight into how to leverage echo cancellation and voice quality enhancements available as software plug-ins to ARM devices, to strategically enhance the sound quality
delivered by their product. Such software solutions can also enable them to reap advantages like reduced development time, ease of deployment, and overall

Reprinted in its entirety from ARM IQ Vol. 6, No. 1, 2007