As part of the intellectual property (IP) design process, the IP vendor and the foundry negotiate the "waiver" of certain design rule checking (DRC) errors for the process to which the rule deck is targeted. However, when the IP is integrated into a full-chip design, these errors reappear in the full chip DRC results. With no effective way to identify these errors, chip designers must waste time debugging waived and false errors, and repeating the waiver communication process with the foundry. This paper will examine current methods used to eliminate waived errors at the chip level and describe a new automatable method for identifying and removing waived errors from DRC results. This new method enables chip designers to eliminate debug time previously spent on these errors, as well as time spent renegotiating waivers with the foundry. Automated waiver management not only helps designers achieve accurate DRC results in a timely and efficient manner, but also reduces time to market by eliminating unnecessary cycles from the verification flow.

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