Small and medium enterprises (SME) demand enterprise security gateways that deliver higher performance, lower prices, and enhanced functionality to support increasing IT infrastructure requirements and improving bandwidth opportunities. Network appliance developers are challenged to meet these requirements at lower costs and within ever shorter development cycles. SafeNet has introduced the SafeXcel-51×0 family of revolutionary, low-cost security processors (SafeXcel-5140, SafeXcel-5150 and SafeXcel-5160) specifically aimed at the SME market, enabling appliance developers to provide the security, performance and price points to optimally serve the SME market.

This application note outlines the unique capabilities and advantages of the SafeXcel-51×0 Inline Security System, and provides guidance for OEM appliance developers on how to quickly design a complete, custom, single-chip solution for a high-performance, low-cost IPSec Gateway for the SME market.