This paper reviews feasible applications for AI video analytics by sharing success stories in the smart city & smart transportation environment.

In the past, managing cities or transportation fleets often took a lot of time and manpower. In cities, the effectiveness of parking lot management was often affected by negligence and safety concerns due to human factors such as mental fatigue. Consequently, this led to uncertainty about how to precisely monitor inbound and outbound vehicle flow. Now, the AI expandability feature called License Plate Recognition (LPR) can be a powerful managerial tool to efficiently control and detect vehicle flow, minimizing human negligence and ensuring better security quality in parking lots.

In residential communities, there are various hidden spaces which are hard to secure all the time, and accidents can often occur in these spaces causing casualties. Through AI application, these problems can be easily solved. For example, the use of professional image analysis technology can be applied into intrusion detection and electronic fence functions, to detect blind spots and ensure personal safety.

In transportation, Driver Fatigue Detection can be adopted to monitor the driver’s behavior, while Blind Spot Detection (BSD) can be used as a supportive tool to ensure driving safety.