The Virtex-5 devices comprise a multi-platform FPGA family based on second-generation Advanced Silicon Modular Block (ASMBL) column-based architecture. With several new architectural elements designed for maximum performance, higher integration, and lower power consumption, Virtex-5 devices attain higher levels of system performance than previously possible.

Maximum system performance requires a balanced mix of performance-efficient FPGA components: logic fabric, on-chip RAM, DSP blocks, and I/Os. This document shows the level of performance that can be reached with Virtex-5 family building blocks, with particular emphasis on the new ExpressFabric technology. The main features of this new technology, including the new 6-input LUT, are described in this paper. Examples that quantify the performance improvements for logic and arithmetic functions are presented along with other enhancements for on-chip RAM, DSP blocks, and I/Os.