Despite the economic downturn, the usage of mobile data and video services is experiencing impressive growth. This growth will only accelerate as mobile networks deploy faster access speeds available as part of 4G. These faster access speeds will have a snowball effect on the bandwidth required throughout the entire network. For those Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) with roadmaps based on AdvancedTCA (ATCA), there is the option to deliver much greater network bandwidth by easily transitioning their platform from 10G to 40G. Their existing 10G assets, like blades and software, can be easily reused in 40G ATCA systems that were designed with this transition in mind. It is in this vein that the RadiSys ATCA 4.0 platform was designed. It not only provides the time-to-market advantages of ATCA, but it also offers investment protection to enable TEMs the luxury of migrating systems at their own pace. This paper explains why there’s an urgency to deploy 40G systems and how RadiSys is providing a smooth transition from 10G.