In this application report, a novel technique is presented for processing multiple voice channels using the standard ITU G.726 codec on a TMS320C6416 digital signal processor (DSP) from Texas Instruments Incorporated. High channel density is a key requirement for central office applications. Previous implementations, process one channel at a time and the number of channels supported by a device is then determined by its processing speed in MHz and memory supported. For example, a 200MHz device supports 20 channels of G.726 if each channel requires 10MHz to process. In this application report, the inherent, multiple processing units are exploited and available on the TMS320C6416 device to simultaneously process two or more channels at a time. As a result, the effective MHz required for each channel is reduced significantly. Using this novel approach shows that for G.726 codec, the effective MHz per channel is reduced from 6.25MHz to 3.22MHz when two channels at a time are processed. This opens the opportunity for processing three or more channels at a time.