IBM Director is a powerful, highly integrated, systems management solution built upon industry standards and designed for ease of use. Its intuitive, Java-based graphical user interface makes it simple for an administrator to completely manage individual or large groups of IBM and non-IBM PC-based server, desktop, workstation and notebook systems. A wide variety of platforms are supported on IBM Director, including Microsoft Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, and Windows XP, as well as Novell NetWare, IBM OS/2, SCO UNIX Ware and Linux.

This document was written in an attempt to provide a functional overview of several systems management solutions offered by PC hardware manufacturers, as well as to compare these competitive products with IBM Director. We hope the information contained herein will help you understand the leadership position achieved by IBM Director.

After a brief description of the methodology used for this review, we examine the major features of IBM Director that are not offered by any of the competitive offerings, followed by a quick look at product-specific functionality. We wrap up with a detailed functional matrix that highlights the many benefits of IBM Director.