The 80SJNB application software provides jitter, noise and Bit-Error-Ratio analysis for the Tektronix 8000 series sampling oscilloscope platform. It performs advanced jitter and noise separation into its main components and so enables both compliance test results as well as diagnostic information for debug and validation of system components used in high bit-rate serial data links.

While some of the functionality of the 80SJNB software is quite new, some of its functionality, e.g. the jitter analysis, can be achieved by other measurement devices. It is the primary goal of this paper to present:

  • The correlation of the 80SJNB’s jitter analysis to several other methods of jitter analysis.
  • The stability and correctness of the jitter analysis results produced by 80SJNB in its ability to separate the components of jitter.

For the sake of measurement correlation we focused (in this paper) on signals which can be handled by several methods; there is substantial functionality in the 80SJNB which goes beyond the scope of other solutions and which is therefore not discussed in this correlation paper.