SoC platform built for MP3 players

Hoping to leverage the popularity of digital music, Faraday Technology Corp. is rolling out system-on-chip platforms for portable MP3/WMA audio players. The first will be the FIE7005 platform for the flash-based MP3 audio player market.

The FIE7005, which doubles as a mass-storage device, uses an embedded 1T 8051 8-bit microcontroller and 16-bit DSP to handle MP3 and WMA decode, as well as ADPCM encode/decode. It also includes a range of intellectual-property blocks from Faraday, such as USB2.0, an analog-to-digital converter for voice recording, a dc/dc converter, FM radio and battery detector. A software design kit is also included.

Faraday played up the low-power aspects of the platform. The FIE7005 is based on the generic 0.18-micron process from United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC), which usually yields a 1.8-volt core. But by using its own library compiler, Faraday was able to squeeze that to 1.5 V.