Quarter-brick bus touts digital edge

Austin, Tex. – Touting the use of an innovative, “Level 2” microcontroller-augmented design to cut down modular parts count from more than 60 to 12, C&D Technologies’ QBC12/22-L48, a quarter-brick bus converter in Datel’s single-output QBC family, is optimized for a total on-board solution when used with the company’s (non-isolated) point-of-load (POL) converters in the HEN, LEN, LQN, LSM, and LSN series. Working from a nominal 48-volt (~40 to 57 V) input, the single-output model delivers up to 264 watts at a nonregulated 12 volts (9.6- to 13.5-volt range) at a typical efficiency of 96 percent.