PMIC’s stock rises on the consumer index

Product recap – Power ICs and controller chips, the two most highly regarded components among the many shades and grades of power management ICs (PMICs), continue to make their way into more consumer products as well as more digitally intensive power and control architectures. At the same time, the latest batch of devices, veering somewhat from the previous generation’s highly integrated chips that provided much of the circuitry and all the bells and whistles for handheld phones (e.g., audio amps, fun lights), largely focus on basic power. Indeed, the new power ICs (DC/DC regulator sources with power management control functionality) and controllers (i.e., logic-intensive chips to support the power architecture) tout such advantages as ultra low-noise low dropout regulators (LDOs) for analog and RF stages, faster response to load changes, and more accurate tracking and sequencing for multiple-output supplies.